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Thank you so much for this lesson have you with me thank you are surprised what I just use right now what's like thank you please forcibly speakers used to sound very polite if you want to send meeting request then stay with me I am Michelle and I am help you sound and collide think we should start using factors which place is it where you would like to use the most as per mean when I am making a request I would definitely use a sectional Hyderabad Escorts, I don't know I am making a request because I know that would be no so sweet and soft ok but we are going to look at this section talks about making a request that lightly using softwares can I take this picture please OK Although we do have a software Ok Please is a session between the formation of the sensor is not correct it sounds very good when you tell someone can at select greatest female escort in hyderabad, I take the chair and can actually wrong you want same you I think you say me I think this please it's the best way to sound what's the latest to say could I take this chat please ok now if you're missing someone for the first time Lucas Sekar I take this chat please to a friend to a colleague will see you are talking to strangers you really want a sound wave flight otherwise you here and now ok you say then you should I take given back alright at Hyderabad female Escorts, I want this please mobile connect to the sense to some even not clarity someone and barriers chair you can add here could I possibly borrow the step please please please and please ok please do not use music down ok definitely this much x if you want someone to make a turn the music down for you instead of using me you could say do you turning the music down because you're talking in the present tense about the situation that is going on so do you mind turning the music down and obviously you can add another network switches please OK do you mind sharing the music down please anyone ago degree higher in your politeness the you might want to use witches mujhe mind turning music company would you mind if I turn the music down Hyderabad Female Escort.

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You can use it would you mind if I turn the music that would you mind if I turn the would you mind me turning the music down please send your mind meaning ok next one please tell me if someone ask you to move your chat from here to hear you do something asking someone to do something very little for you then you can adjust software to make it sound that light and address could I write just ask you to move your chat please music asking someone to do a little things for you and if you possible essay in a library and there is a book on the table and you asking someone to talk to you I ask you just ask you to do something what is sleep I remember whenever I go for blood test for sleep this is very rude speciality your patient alright on customer human essay ok could you need Hyderabad Girls Escorts let your sleep please this is well because you are asking someone to leave everything for you could you just sleep this ok because when a nurse is asking the patient to roll number slip away your going to blood donation camp in someone is asking you replace leave you asking you something to do it for themselves is like the nearest want to sleep so that she can insert the servant indiatrace could you just sleep for me now 4 hours after to ask someone to do something for you for me ask your customer let's see you at work in how to ask your client oyo customer to do something for you at great Hyderabad Escorts Service have you reached to the client you can do for that you understand by flight and you if you want to do something for you you can you say some information you can say could you sign your name there for me ok specifically for you say the person is having some documents ok over reading some documents and you expect them to sign somewhere to say could you sign your name there for me ok because it's request for you right now we are looking at the last way to make request to an absolute stranger with female escort, ok so much say that you are at the reception of this club weather of members of science working in people who want to be in the club and reception a person works in anyone ask them if they have the membership or not and how will you know that the membership card right she would say you have a member is called ok that's fine it's my thing which you can be more polite when saying that lead to an absolute stranger ok this is specifically for enquiry somethings you asking do you have ask questions specifically for enquiry to direct stranger in has no meaning of redundant meaning of justice in the mirror figures of induce so you have a member squad do not get confused when someone tells you that you have a memory card at all just asking you in night anand how to make flight requests questrial font in my request don't we do you then I request.

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I request you that ok I am a bit busy at the moment hey you can we speak and your baby so you can talk to them to say don't mind I am a bit busy at the moment can we catch up in the afternoon ok see you can follow this to you ok if you don't mind that will also be correct if you don't mind I am busy at the moment can we catch up in the afternoon ok will using that share pig farm project madina meeting or somewhere and you need a place to set a new find the chair which is vacant you can go and rabbit and quickly set the someone on the table right so you can ask them given that there is a need to say sorry to using that chair apologizing before then I am angry? By saying I am afraid ok which means that you cannot do something for someone because whatever reason you needed our Hyderabad Escorts Services, so we need those books we need those books that we cannot give it to you I am afraid goodnight request by sounding much multiplied to say if you don't mind I am a bit busy at the moment you could say I am sorry you are using that share I am afraid vinedos box looking at where we need to use sapnas very honestly why seriously and that is when we are this agreement ok it's very easy to hurt feelings when you're going to show you the sound flight using using software I am sorry I am afraid that can be used with I disagree with you there because your apologize in the for disagreeing and mother fuking used with disagreeing I have to say I have to say I disagree with you that if you only say I disagree with you that's why to select Hyderabad Call Girls, I have to say that havells agree with that I can we agree with you sure I agree with you there in the same I have to say disagree you could say I am not sure I agree with you there ok that's the case with something like this that I am not convinced which means if you don't agree again I have to say meaning by itself software not convinced stephen swimming advertisement to share story with you about this my friends told me that you know women and men as good as mine in computers at a time in my experience women advertisement with truth isn't it you can say I have to say in my experience women as good as mine or you can say that is that really true in my experience women as it is meant to say in my heart is really true to sound like like that we have is she is a very experienced teacher but you agree with the part and you do not agree with the restaurant yeah you can say I am understand. I think her. She is a very experienced teacher that I don't think she fixed job profile I think your fine can't understood this lesson where we have learnt sessionals my meeting request this green and you know politely saying no thank you so much for having me I have a great time taking you bye-bye.